Tuesday , 16 January 2018
Timex originals

Timex originals

The Timex watches come of different ranges. However, there are original designs of the Timex watches which have stood the test of time.

Timex Originals features

If you wish to opt for the Timex Original watches, you can expect classic and retro designs from such collections. You need to forego the digital time formats and other features which were not invented at the time of the classic watch models. You will find simplistic and classic designs from Timex when you opt for such watch designs. If you wish to take a look at the different watch models of Timex Originals, find several interesting designs given below.


This particular watch model comes in brown. The brown hour markers and dial hands stand out against the brown leather strap. The watch case is round and stark grey in color.


This is a classic Timex model from the old collections. The dial has two surfaces; there is a minute dial and a standard hour dial as well. The watch offers a rounded rectangular case and steel bracelet.


A classic Timex model is illustrated above. The watch has a round, white dial with silver toned watch case. The black leather strap and black dial hands stand out against the white dial.


This version of the Timex Originals watch is in black. The black leather strap and the black dial compliment each other. The silver tone case and the silver hour markers stand out against the dark dial.


This is an elegant and classic model from the Timex Originals collection. The maroon leather strap and maroon dial surface make a striking design with the silver tone watch case and hour hands.


This particular watch from the Originals collection features stainless steel bracelet with links and hour hands and hour markers which are luminous. The dial has a date window as well.


These are some of the classic designs from the Timex Originals collection. The faux leather straps of the watches pair well with the simple, white or black dials and silver or golden watch cases.

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